University of Pannonia, Faculty of Business and Economics



University of Pannonia has a considerable professional tradition and a great past. It is a significant institution of higher education in the Central-Transdanubian Region of Hungary, it is recognised as a constantly growing and important educational, intellectual and research centre. The University contributes to the functioning and improvement of the public and civil society with its high quality research and development. The programmes offered by the five faculties of the University cover nearly all areas of sciences (engineering, economics, information technology, humanities and agricultural sciences) and they are tailored to international front-ranking quality. The results of its research activity are published in prestigious international journals, and the innovation programmes of the institution support the development of competitive industrial and service products.


The primary objective of the Faculty of Business and Economics is economics related education. It has programmes and courses in economy, engineering management, business and further education and retraining of executives, but it is also active in the field of research and innovation programmes. The Faculty’s aim is to train professionals who are capable of creating, managing and operating systems of enterprise of regional, national and international importance. The Faculty of Business and Economics is an active and determining player of the local economy. Its fellow colleagues have substantial knowledge in developing, managing and implementing international collaboration projects: FP6, FP7, HU-HR IPA, Interreg, Leonardo, etc.


The Faculty of Business and Economics was the first ever faculty to receive the Hungarian Higher Education Quality Award for faculties in 2008. The awarding committee made its decision by assessing the quality of education, the stage of development of the infrastructure, satisfaction of students, intensity of corporate relations and the quality of talent management.


In 2014 the Faculty reached an important milestone; it became a member of the AACSB International (The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business).


The Faculty has a recognised and powerful Doctoral School, in which our excellent professors lead research groups in the field of economics, business and management.