Summary of the project


The overall goal of the project initiator as well as that of the partner universities is to become more competitive, which can be achieved through a high quality and attractive education offer and can be measured by the number of successful employed graduates. By teaching their students the missing learning skills as part of their curricula, HEIs will prepare them for the labour market and also enable them to become a great work force that has no trouble with completing assigned tasks effectively at their workplace. This will help improving the competitiveness of local and regional enterprises, leading to national economic growth, which will result in a more competitive Europe.

The innovative character of the project can be discovered in three main aspects. Firstly, the elaboration of a filter assessing the learning skills of students entering higher education. Secondly, the modules of the Learning Skills development built into the existing curricula of higher education institutions. And thirdly, the creation of the LELLE Kit, which will be a ready-to-use package of various materials that can be applied anywhere in Europe.